About us

Prancor- an enterprise that opened in Gusev, Kaliningrad region in August 2009 as part of the project “Territory of Scientific and Technological Development - Technopolis GS”, whose general investor is the Association of Radio Electronics Equipment Manufacturers and Traders “General Satellite”.

Enterprise services are in demand:

  • Construction industry
  • Auto and ship repair enterprises
  • Radio electronic industry
  • Machine-building complex

Quality Policy

The management of the company has defined this Quality Policy. Responsibility for the implementation of the Policy is the Head of the company Each employee participates in the implementation of the Policy at his workplace..


Comprehensive provision of consumers with modern, high-quality products for the speedy, innovative development of domestic industry, strengthening the security of the country and the economy as a whole.

The plant is certified according to the quality management system


The following technological areas are operating at Prancor:

  • cold stamping production.
  • plot of automatic molding machines with TPA up to 200 tons of clamping force.
  • 2 paint shops for plastic and metal products.

The volume of finished goods production monthly is more than 500 thousand different products. At present, about 250 thousand cases of subscriber set-top boxes per month are being produced by the order of OAO NPO Digital Television Systems..

Equipment manufactured in Russia, Taiwan, and Finland has been installed at Prankor. All sites operate in accordance with international environmental standards.