Plastic molding

The plastic injection section, one of the largest sections in production, allows the production of plastic (polymer) products of various configurations by injection molding. The site is equipped with high-tech injection molding machines with high positioning accuracy of the clamping plates, pressure and injection speed, due to which high stability is achieved with any complexity of casting. On the site there are 15 injection molding machines with clamping force from 90 tons to 600 tons, some of which are equipped with robots.

Injection molding of plastics is the most widespread and progressive method of plastics processing, which makes it possible to obtain plastic products of complex configuration. This technology is based on plasticization (melting) of granular material, its movement under high pressure into the forming cavity of the mold and compaction of the melt due to pressure, followed by cooling.

Prankor LLC carries out injection molding of plastic products made of various plastics (ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, PMMA), various composite materials.

Advantages of plastic injection molding:

  • The ability to manufacture products of any geometric shape and degree of complexity. Thin-walled parts are made. The complexity of the design depends on the mold, which has high detail and takes into account all the bends and holes of the future product.

  • High precision of the resulting products.

  • No need for subsequent machining of parts. Some products that are complex in design may undergo minimal processing.

  • High performance. Mass production of unlimited plastic parts. The service life of metal molds is tens of years, so they are used for the manufacture of a huge number of polymer products.

  • Possibility of manufacturing reinforced products (from composite materials).

  • Fast payback when organizing the production of a large batch of plastic products. In this case, the cost of one product decreases without deterioration in quality with an increase in the number of copies produced. This dependence is explained by a one-time investment at the preparatory stage for the release of a certain type of product.




Prankor LLC carries out plastic injection molding of products, product examples.