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The complex is designed for autonomous lighting of pedestrian crossings, stopping points and other roadside facilities remote from electrical networks. System has high efficiency, including in long-term cloudy weather.

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Advantages over batteries based on lead, nickel, lithium:

- the ability to effectively charge in a wide range of charging currents from 0.01C to
0.5C and withstand jerky current on charge and discharge to 5C without compromising performance,
which is impossible for lead-acid batteries;
- high energy and current efficiency in nominal charge modes 85 ± 3% in
energy (Wh) and 92 ± 3% by capacity (Ah);
- the ability to accumulate additional energy (up to + 50% of the nominal) and
give it with an efficiency of more than 70%;
- lack of a “memory effect", which is a disadvantage of Ni-MH and Ni-Co
batteries, which means the ability to effectively charge the drive, as after a full
discharge, and after partial discharge without prejudice to the life of the drive;
- maximum fire and explosion safety due to the absence of any combustibles,
toxic organic solvents used in Li-ion batteries;
- the use of environmentally friendly materials based on graphite, activated carbon, water
and natural salt, the mass use of which is not able to harm the environment;
- the possibility of recycling drives with recycling electrolyte,
providing its multiple use.

The use of independent lighting system "PR-ECO" means that:

- the energy storage device can be charged even with a minimum current of 1 A from
solar panel in case of constant cloudiness and lack of wind;
- light, movement and presence sensors ensure periodic operation
undercharged system throughout the night;
- the energy of the jerks of the charging current from the wind generator (up to 50 A) will be accumulated
without prejudice to the life of the drive;
- the system will become stable and will not require regular replacement of failed
batteries due to systematic undercharging and frequent jerking of the charging current from
wind generator caused by gusts of wind.

The composition of one set of "PR-ECO"

1 Electric energy storage device 14.1V / 380 W * h (working voltage window 14.1V - 10V)
2 Windmill vertical 300 W / 12 V
3 Windmill controller
4 Solar battery (panel) Sila monocrystalline 150W (12V) 5BB
5 Solar panel controller
6 LED lamp 30 W
7 Lamp driver 30 W
8 Light + Presence Sensors
9 Solar Panel Mount
10 Boxing for the battery and electronic components
11 Traffic light yellow blinking LED T.7.1 (200 mm) 12V