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ICEBERG luminaires manufactured by PRANKOR LLC are suitable for lighting rooms with a high concentration of moisture and dust, such as indoor swimming pools, showers, laundries, hospitals, kitchens, and production halls.

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     The advantage of ICEBERG LED luminaires is the natural light created, as well as the absence of flicker, which, with the constant use of these luminaires to illuminate workplaces, reduces eye fatigue.

Profitability. Environmental friendliness. Durability.

• Profitability. Today, LED lighting is the most cost-effective of all existing.
• Duration of work. The LED device is such that in the lamp there is simply nothing to burn out and break. This extends the life of the lamp to 100,000 hours, from which it follows that the advantages also lie in saving money on the purchase of lamps. One lamp can last a lifetime.
• No flicker. It is known that fluorescent lamps used in recessed Iceberg luminaires have a rather high flicker rate, which negatively affects vision.
• Lack of toxic components. This is a very important factor when disposing of lamps.
• Lack of ultraviolet radiation. As you know, under the ultraviolet rays the aging processes proceed faster - furniture, decor items fade.