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Street lamps of the PR-DKU-52 series are intended for use on the highway, in tunnels, railway platforms, in parks and squares, at various public and private facilities.

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Applicable to the road network of categories A, B and C due to the fact that depending on the lighting power it is possible to choose the optimal dimensions of the lamp housing with an identical design: up to 60 W - housing S, from 60 to 100 W - M, from 100 to 200 W - L . Lamps of the PR-DKU-52 series, have incorporated all the advanced, global developments in the field of LED lighting. The use of LEDs from world leading manufacturers (CREE, OSRAM) allowed us to achieve an increase in the luminous flux per unit of power consumption and an increase in the lifetime. The use of dimmable power sources (PHILIPS, MOSO, Mean Well) together with light sensors allows you to control the brightness of the lamps depending on the time of day during the entire period of operation. The fixtures of the PR-DKU-52 model line, developed in 2017, comply with modern technical requirements and urban design trends.
Efficiency of the lamp - more than 125 lumens per 1 Watt. These fixtures use only the highest quality components, which allows you to provide a warranty period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the drivers used. This indicator is achieved, inter alia, due to the elaborate design of the lamp housing, which allows for dust and moisture protection of all electrical contacts, as well as for efficient maintenance of the device. The design provides for the presence of an anti-condensation valve that prevents the formation of moisture in the lamp housing.