Slitting line for metal

The metal slitting line using high-precision circular knives made in Italy allows you to cut coils weighing up to 10,500 kg, up to 1300 mm wide and up to 4.0 mm thick into coils (strips) up to 30 mm wide. Coils can be cold rolled steel (HC), galvanized steel, stainless steel (AISI), aluminum, painted steel.

Metal stamping

Prancor has the technical ability to produce on high-precision equipment parts of any configuration and drawing depth by cold stamping and bending from hot and cold-rolled sheet or coil metal up to 3 mm thick on presses with a force of up to 300 tons.

FinnPower X5

FinnPower X5 coordinate turret press. The press combines all the advantages of hydraulic stamping technology and allows you to process products from various metals up to 3 mm thick and 2500 x 1250 mm in size with a punching speed of up to 520 strokes per minute and an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This punching press, in addition to cutting operations, allows forming operations with a height of up to 16 mm.

We have a wide range of high-precision punching tools from BARUS for punching holes for display elements, connectors, cable glands, switching elements, etc., shaping tools for ventilation, countersinks, various moldings, bullets, etc.


  • Crank press machines STD-250 (2 pcs) made in Taiwan allow stamping metal parts with a maximum strip width of 500 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. The punching force of the press is 250 tons.
  • Crank presses OSR-110 (10 pcs), OSR-200 (1 pc), OSR-300 (1 pc) made in Taiwan allow bending and forming metal parts produced on the STD-250 press. The punching force of the press is 110, 200 and 300 tons, respectively.
  • Hydraulic guillotine shears SB-4/2000 allow cutting sheet metal with a maximum width of 2000 mm and a thickness of up to 5 mm with high precision.


An example of a finished product. Chair knot.