Powder coating

"Prancor" has a workshop for applying polymer powder paints from leading foreign manufacturers: firms in Finland, Italy, Austria by spraying.

  • Polymer powder coating is applied to products of any configuration.
  • The shade is chosen by the customer from the catalog.

Polymer powder coating has a unique set of qualities:

  • increased strength to impact, bending, abrasion and other mechanical influences;
  • increased adhesion to the painted surface;
  • resistance to solutions of alkalis, acids and organic solvents;
  • wide temperature range of work;
  • wide range of coating thicknesses;
  • coating resistance to variable temperatures;
  • high decorativeness;
  • various texture;

The installation of powder coating allows painting products, the maximum dimensions of which do not exceed 2300x1300x400 mm, weighing up to 50 kg.

The cost of painting depends on the type of powder dye, the size of one product, the total area of the painted surface and the method of preparing the surface of the product before painting.

When painting, AMIKA powder paints are used. AMIKA products are guaranteed by international brands: the European Qualicoat brand and the German GSB brand, and also have quality certificates from the Russian Federation.

Powder coating

Powder coating

The surface of the product must be cleaned and degreased before powder coating. In a special chamber, degreasing and phosphating takes place using Henkel's chemicals.

Powder coating using German Wagner equipment, which has proven itself in the painting equipment market.