Excursions for high school students started at Technopolis GS factories

Nov. 23, 2012

November 22, 2012 Technopolis GS launched a program of career guidance excursions for students. The project is aimed at students in grades 9 and 11, as well as university students and secondary special educational institutions in the region. The first to the factories invited the graduation class of school number 1 named. S.I. Gusev.

An excursion for 16 students and their class teacher began at the First Cardboard Factory. Shift master Dmitry Karasev told them about the properties of corrugated cardboard, the packaging production process and the equipment used in the factory. Safety precautions did not allow students to get close to the mechanisms, but the tour was still informative: the workshop showed samples of a 3- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard and finished products, a corrugator and an automatic cutting line.

Then, the Prancor factory took the tourists, where the design engineer Andrei Semikov demonstrated product samples - plastic and metal products. Schoolchildren were taken to all major production sites, such as the stamping workshop, and the plastic molding workshop.

The next stop was Digital Television Systems. Here, the participants saw models of receivers released on the PZT in different years. Training and development engineer Alexei Redkozubov showed the surface-mount workshop and explained what happens at each stage of the production of digital receivers. Schoolchildren were surprised by the complexity and smoothness of the processes, as well as how highly automated this modern production is. It was also interesting for them to trace the entire path of creating the product, from the motherboard at the start to the finished receiver. Schoolchildren also learned about the rules of antistatic protection: the use of protective clothing that neutralizes static charges, special shoes and floor coverings and furniture.

The last enterprise to accept the sightseers was the GS Nanotech microelectronics production center. Chief Technologist Alexey Yartsev spoke about the process of manufacturing microprocessors. In addition, the students were interested to see the overalls of technical specialists and learn the special requirements for the cleanliness of production facilities.

The participants called the tour interesting and unusual.

“We are glad that now we know what the Technopolis GS is, we learned a lot about the industries - before we could not imagine how much everything here is high-tech, strictly organized, clean,” one of the students shared his impressions. Many were surprised that 85% of the receivers - including those in their home - were produced at Technopolis GS.

“Like most of my guys, I myself have never been to such productions,” said G.V. Pushkova. “Technopolis GS is famous in the city, parents and relatives work for many schoolchildren there, but not everyone knew what the enterprises produce, how they work. And most importantly - now the guys are determined with their future profession, therefore, information on relevant specialists is relevant. I think many were interested in what they saw. ”

Tours are conducted on a busy schedule. It is planned to complete the entire cycle of excursions until May 2013. During this time, about 1,500 schoolchildren and students will visit Technopolis. Information about the project, reports, photos, schedules and much more are available on the VKontakte page: https://vk.com/gsprof