The best employees of Prancor LLC are named

Nov. 5, 2012

This year, at the beginning of September, according to tradition, Technopolis Day will be held, within the framework of which the best employees of our enterprises will be awarded.

According to the results of the year, the best of the best at Prancor LLC are:

Komissarenko Gennady Viktorovich, and. about. Head of the main production. Recruited in June 2009. At first he worked as a technologist. He proved himself to be a responsible and competent employee, participated in the development of technological processes in the main production. It is respected by colleagues and subordinates.

Kiseleva Nadezhda Nikolaevna, controller of the technical control department. She came to Prancor in August 2009, one of the first to participate in the organization of work in the area of ​​liquid painting and pad printing. Responsible, hardworking.

Prishchepov Sergey Mikhailovich, adjuster of the stamping section (foreman). Admitted to the company in April 2010 as a puncher. During the year, I completely mastered the methodology and practice of setting up stamping equipment. He is currently acting as a team leader. Outgoing, responsible, more than once worthily fulfilled the important production tasks set by the leadership.

Nedosekina Irina Mikhailovna, operator of liquid painting and pad printing of the III category (team leader). She came to work for Prancor in August 2009, one of the first to participate in organizing a liquid painting and pad printing site. Throughout the work at the enterprise, she improved her skills and by personal example she achieved high performance of her team. Responsible employee, respected by colleagues.

Antonova Sofya Zufarovna, operator of powder coating of the II category. Admitted to the company in January 2011. After a year of work, she successfully passed certification and increased her rank. A conscientious and responsible employee is an example for new employees.