Plant "Prankor" put into operation CNC equipment for the production of punches and molds

Aug. 6, 2021

The Prankor plant upgraded its tooling area with high-precision CNC machines for manufacturing tooling (dies and molds). The enterprise can independently produce these products not only for its own needs, but also for customers from Kaliningrad region and neighboring regions. The capacity and possibilities of the new area allow producing complex and high-precision tooling of weight up to 5000 kg and dimensions up to 1200х1000 mm.

A vertical NC machining center (Taiwan) and a copy-piercing machine (Japan) by SODICK were purchased and put into operation to start production. With the help of this equipment will produce molds for molding plastic and aluminum, stamps, parts of varying configuration and complexity. Earlier they had to order them from the producers in the regions of the Russian Federation and China.

In Kaliningrad region there are no enterprises which produce a similar range of technological equipment (parts) with a full production cycle from the idea to the finished product. In the near future the main task of our new site is to produce tooling for casting aluminum housings of LED street lighting, as well as for new models of receivers. Manufacturing tooling at our own facilities will accelerate the production process and expand the range of products - cases for digital TV set-top boxes, parts of furniture fittings, refrigerators and other types of plastic and metal products commented Andrey Semikov, chief technologist of LLC "Prankor".