Energy-efficient lighting appeared in Chernyakhovsk and Krasnoznamensk, Kaliningrad region

April 7, 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, GS Group provided two more cities in the Kaliningrad region with Russian-made LED street lamps. 2732 modern lamps in Chernyakhovsk and Krasnoznamensk were installed under the program of modernization of street lighting in the region.

The equipment was supplied by «Prancor» (as part of the innovation cluster «Technopolis GS» ) under energy service contracts. LED-luminaires produced by "Prankora" turn on quickly and are protected from overheating and short circuits. They are distinguished by efficiency and high luminous efficacy and can be used not only on ordinary roads, but also in tunnels, as well as parks and squares. Brightness is adjusted depending on the time of day, including software methods. In the future, the lights can be integrated with smart city systems.

"LED-luminaires manufactured by the Prankor enterprise" last five times longer than older HID lamps. With our products, the cities of the Kaliningrad region become brighter and more modern. We have been supplying energy-efficient equipment to the region since 2017, and during this time we have managed to prove that Russian-made lamps are in no way inferior to foreign counterparts. Plans — continuation of cooperation within the framework of the street lighting modernization program».
Sergey Zakharov
Prankor CEO

The power of "Prankor" allow to produce about 600 thousand modern energy-efficient lamps per year. Enterprise — leader in the production of LED lighting in the Kaliningrad region. In 2019, the plant supplied more than 11 thousand lamps to the settlements of the region.