The head of RUSNANO A. B. Chubais visited the technopolis

Oct. 15, 2012

At the General Satellite corporation’s Technopolis, the head of RUSNANO first got acquainted with the existing enterprise for the production of subscriber television set-top boxes - NPO TsTS OJSC, then went on to manufacture metal and plastic products for electronics - Prancor LLC. The plant is also the initiator of the creation of a pilot production and technological complex for the production of carbon nanostructured materials (CNM). A. B. Chubais praised the production capacities of Prancor LLC: “We understand a lot in the UNM, I have been to many such enterprises. What you have done is very significant, and we are interested in it. ”

The members of the delegation were particularly interested in the Center for Development, Research and Production of Microelectronics "GS-Nanotech", which was ready for 90% for commissioning, which was scheduled to open in autumn 2012. At the only enterprise in Russia that provides packaging services for external customers, production will be organized for the assembly and testing of multi-chip microprocessors with a manufacturing topology of 45 nm.

“The impression is strong on what you are doing here, on the capacity being built up, on the redistribution of production. Everything is done professionally. A modern industrial complex of the electronic industry is being created here - in fact, the first private science city. At the same time, the general investor is the General Satellite private corporation. Today, General Satellite is starting to think about diversifying its business: in Technopolis, we see the production of carbon nanomaterials. It is based on technologies developed by a team of talented scientists, ”the head of RUSNANO shared.

At a meeting with representatives of the General Satellite at the end of the visit, which was held at the GS-Nanotech plant, all five Technopolis enterprises were represented. During it, the head of RUSNANO asked questions to the President of the General Satellite Corporation Andrei Tkachenko about the prospects for the growth of enterprise exports and proposed support options for introducing Technopolis products to the European market. “By receiving subsidies, we will be able to buy more modern equipment and expand our horizons, enter Europe,” said A. Tkachenko. In turn, A.B. Chubais added: “There is a well-formed request to the state. Fair game rules are important, including lowering administrative barriers to new technologies. And lobbying, I’m not afraid of the word, in the global market. ”

The official visit of the delegation ended in Kaliningrad. At a meeting with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, N. N. Tsukanov, following his results, A. B. Chubais praised the innovative enterprises of Technopolis and noted that this project of General Satellite Corporation had changed the face of the Kaliningrad Region. “The Technopolis of the General Satellite Corporation, without exaggeration, is one of the most ambitious innovative investment projects not only in the region, but also in the country,” added the Head of RUSNANO.