Gusev Polytechnic College has trained operators of cold stamping equipment for the Prancor plant

Sept. 22, 2017

The Prancor plant (as part of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster, Gusev, Kaliningrad Region) and the Gusev Polytechnic College completed the first stage of the dual educational program launched in September 2017. 22 Prancor employees attended professional training for operators of automatic and semi-automatic cold-stamping equipment lines. Ahead of them is a production practice, after successful completion of which specialists will be able to continue working at the enterprise in a new quality.

The operator of automatic and semi-automatic lines of cold stamping equipment is a sought-after specialty in any metalworking industry. Such equipment has a complex structure, and the quality of the manufactured metal parts largely depends on its work. The need to train operators for the Prancor plant is associated with an increase in sales of finished products. The company produces metal and plastic parts, LED lamps, plastic molding. The production capacity of the plant is up to 500 thousand products per month. In the near future, 22 specialists who completed training in a dual educational program at the Gusev Polytechnic will undergo a 2-week production practice at the Prancor plant. Having demonstrated their knowledge and confirming their qualifications, they will be able to apply for vacant positions as operators of cold stamping equipment.

Qualified specialists will be responsible for the operation of cold forming machines, set them up and participate in the production process of the Prancor plant. They will have to work with high-tech metalworking equipment: a line for the longitudinal cutting of metal, a hydraulic bending press with CNC, crank presses, a FINN-POWER CNC turret punch press.

“We constantly train our employees, improve their qualifications and send them to professional retraining courses. The enterprises within Technopolis GS have been collaborating with the Gusev Polytechnic College for several years. Every year, Prancor accepts students from the Polytechnic, especially those specializing in metalworking, for practice. After successfully completing the practice, they get a job with us. Now we have launched a dual educational program with the Gusev Polytechnic College for the retraining of existing plant specialists. The new staff of qualified operators of cold stamping equipment will allow us to reduce production risks and produce even better products in a larger volume, ”said Natalya Krutova, head of the personnel department at Prancor LLC.

“We appreciate the cooperation with enterprises within Technopolis GS and their support in the employment of our best students. Dual education is an effective way to improve the quality of education, which is impossible without reliable partners, ”said Ekaterina Kanaeva, director of the Gusev Polytechnic College.

Educational initiatives of enterprises within Technopolis GS, implemented jointly with educational institutions, are part of the comprehensive training program for GS Group holding personnel (investor in Technopolis GS). They are aimed at solving the global problem - to remove the distance between the competencies of the graduate and the needs of real production.