GS Group holding will engage in vocational guidance for Kaliningrad schoolchildren

Sept. 19, 2013

On September 18, 2013, on the territory of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Education of the Kaliningrad Region and the GS Group holding on cooperation in the framework of the GS Prof long-term youth program for students of educational institutions of the Kaliningrad region.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Education of the region Svetlana Truseneva, the head of the department of vocational education Alexander Kochkov, the executive director of Technopolis GS Alexey Bannov, the deputy director for strategic development of the GS Group holding Elvira Gizatullina and the heads of educational institutions of secondary vocational education in Guseva.

The main objectives of the GS Prof program are: to promote the formation of a generation of young talented professionals in the Kaliningrad region, to provide future specialists with the opportunity to realize their intellectual potential in their native region, and to increase the prestige of technical professions as a whole.

“Today it is quite obvious that the education system must be sensitive to the demands of the labor market, support employers who are developing new, modern, high-tech production,” noted the Minister of Education of the region Svetlana Truseneva. “I hope that the signing of the agreement will be the first step in career guidance, which will allow us to form a completely different generation of Kaliningraders who will clearly understand the prospects of their future working life and connect it with our region.”

“Modern production requires the development of the scientific and technical sector, the training of specialists of a completely different level,” said Alexey Bannov, Executive Director of Technopolis GS. “We have an understanding that business should be the initiator of career guidance programs implemented at the regional level, as this is a determining factor in the education of a new generation of specialists in the field of innovative technologies and, therefore, the key to the success of ongoing projects in the long term.”

Elvira Gizatullina, Deputy Director for Strategic Development of GS Group Holding, said: “If last year we phoned schools with an offer to participate in our program, today we are already calling to organize excursions for students. In the 2013-2014 academic year, we plan to introduce about 600 schoolchildren and students to the enterprises of Technopolis GS. ”

The video was shown to the ceremony participants - a virtual tour of the enterprises of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster, which was specially filmed for the GS Prof. program It will be demonstrated in schools and universities, so that those who did not manage to get an excursion to the Technopolis GS would also have the opportunity to find out more about the plants of the innovation cluster.

After the ceremony of signing the agreement, an excursion to the Technopolis GS took place for the ninth-graders of Gusev School No. 3. The children visited OJSC NPO TsTS, LLC Prancor, LLC DSK Belyi Klyuch, and the Expocenter site. Employees of the enterprises told schoolchildren about the scope, plans and development prospects of Technopolis GS, training programs for specialists that operate in factories and much more. The guys were pleasantly surprised by the scale of the innovation cluster, “we did not expect that so many people work here and all processes are well organized,” they shared their impressions.

According to Natalya Fry, the leading professional consultant of the Gusev employment center, “it is very important that one of the largest employers in the region can show its production and give detailed information about the professions that are in demand at enterprises”.

The signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Kaliningrad Region is only part of the holding’s comprehensive career guidance program. For graduate students, the GS Group holding holds an all-Russian mathematical contest, the finalists of which receive a nominal scholarship of the holding upon admission to the university for specialties in demand in the Technopolis GS.

Active work is underway with leading universities in the North-West Federal District. In particular, for students of the Kaliningrad region in the IKBFU Kant launched a master's program in conjunction with a leading Russian company in the field of microelectronics GS Nanotech. In 2013, the first graduation of the masters took place - all graduates were invited to work at Technopolis GS.

In addition, within the framework of the GS Prof project, the enterprise base can become a practical, integrated platform for the implementation of the project for the development of physical and mathematical education in the region, the implementation of which began last summer. Such an opportunity was discussed by the Minister of Education and the leadership of GS Group.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education of the Kaliningrad Region, the GS Prof project has every chance of becoming a practical example of the successful implementation of state policy in the field of education in a particular region of Russia.